10 maart

As you all know this year’s  10th of March Uprising Day – will be a huge European affair. Due to do worsening situation inside Tibet, all the Tibetan Communities and Tibet Support Groups (TSG’s) in Europe are going to join forces in our capital Brussels. The ‘European Solidarity Rally for Tibet’ will not go by unnoticed.

The Working Committee, in charge of the organization of the event, already took care of most of the practical matters. Thanks to the efforts of International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) , Tibet-office in Brussels and the representatives of different Tibetan Communities in Europe they managed to get the necessary funding and arranged an interesting day with many prominent speakers and some musical acts.  You can expect a couple of thousand Tibetans and activist from the whole of Europe gathering in Brussels. Many will have to travel long distances – at their own expenses –   just to get here.

It is up to us!

As mentioned 95% of the preparatory work is done. The remaining 5% is up to us, the Tibet-supporters in Belgium. It is up to us to let the Belgian public know what is happening on Sunday the 10th of March in Brussels. And, most importantly, to make sure that many Belgians are present that day to show their support. As host-country and fellow-activists it is our duty to do so. We owe it to the many Tibetans and supporters who will visit Brussels that day. Let’s make them feel welcome and show them that the Belgian public stands in solidarity with them.

Let’s go digital!

Besides physically handing out flyers and putting up posters by the different Tibet Support Groups in Belgium, let’s all go mental on the worldwide web. Let’s use every way possible to reach out: websites, e-mail, face book, twitter and what else is possible. You can check out the official website for the European Solidarity Rally for Tibet on

Given the critical human rights situation inside Tibet, it is our goal to see a huge pan-European Rally where our supporters from across the continent join us to urge the European Union to make Tibet the top priority in their bilateral relations with China and help to resolve the Tibetan issue peacefully.

If everybody does a little part, together we can achieve a lot. So it would be great if everybody can take care of their cities, communities, members, family, friends, friends of friends…  in order to get as many people as possible to Brussels.

Program March 10

11.00 am: Meeting point start of the Rally at Gare du Nord – North Station

12.30 am: Peace March to the Stage at Mont des Arts (Métro: Central Station)


Moderator:  Chungdak Koren,  Member of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile

Translation of program in French: Rinzin Genkhang, Tibet office Brussels

13.30 pm:

  • Welcome address by Chungdak Koren on behalf of Organizing Committee
  •  Tibetan National Anthem
  • Dentsikk Moelam: Tsemey Yonten ( Pray for Truth) lead by Ven Thupten Wangchen,  Member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile
  • 2 minutes silence

13.55 pm: Kashag’s Statement by Ngodup Dorjee, Representative of His Holiness The      Dalai Lama in Belgium

14.05 pm: Speech by Marc Hendrickx (NVA), member of Flemish Parliament

14.10 pm: Keynote address by Mr Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament

14.20 pm: Performance by musician Namgyal Lhamo

14.25 pm: Mr Thomas Mann (MP), President of the EU Tibet Intergroup

14.30 pm: Musical performance by Nelung Tsering Topten

14.35 pm: Practical information by Vincent Metten, International Campaign for Tibet, BXL

14.40 pm: Tibetan Rap by Karma Emchi

14.45 pm: Kalon  Dickyi  Chhoyang, Minister for Information and International Relation CTA

14.50 pm: Mr Henri Malosse, European MP Economic and Social Committee


Moderator: Tsering Jampa, Executive Director, International Campaign for Tibet – Europe

Translation in French: Richen Genkhang, Tibet Office, Brussels

14.55 pm: Performance by  Norbu Tsering,Tibetan Community Belgium

15.00 pm:  Kasur Kirti Rinpoche, Abbot of Kirti Monastery in India

15.05 pm:   Lenidas Donski, member of European Parliament and Rapporteur of the 2011 report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World

15.10 pm: Ms Mona Tang, Chinese writer and artist

15.15 pm: Mr Kelsang Gyaltsen, Special Representative of His Holiness

15.20 pm: Tibetan Rap by Tenzin Dawa Tsona, “Migchu”

15.25 pm: Matteo Mecacci, President of the International Network for Parliamentarians on Tibet (INPAT)

15.30 pm: Alexandra Clark, Assistant of Edward McMillan Scott, Vice-President of the European Parliament

15.3 pm: Poetry recitation byMr. Churi, Vice President of Tibetan Community     Belgium

15.40 pm:  Tibetan rapper Tenkun, “My Brother is burning”

15.45 pm: Vote of thanks on behalf of the Organizing Committee by Mr Thupten Phegyal, President Tibetan Community Belgium

16.00 pm: Sangsoe Ceremony led by Ven Thupten Wangchen

16.30 pm: End of Program

!!Hope to see you there!!

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