Stand with Larung Gar


China continues its devastating plans to evict monks and nuns from Tibet’s Larung Gar Buddhist Institute, and demolish their homes. The consequences have been devastating and intolerable.

4,600 residents have been forced to leave Larung Gar Buddhist Academy since 20 July 2016. Residents who have been removed from the site have been made to sign pledges promising not to return to live there. Others have been locked out of their own homes.

Monks and nuns who have been returned to their native regions from Larung Gar have been prevented from joining new monasteries and nunneries. Some have been subjected to humiliating patriotic re-education sessions, in which they are required to sing Chinese propaganda songs and denounce their own Tibetan culture and religion.

But we can stop this.

In December the European Parliament issued a strong resolution, urging China to halt the demolitions and forced removals and respect Tibetans’ religious freedoms. Later this month, representatives from the EU will meet their Chinese counterparts for their biannual dialogue on human rights; an opportunity to directly raise Larung Gar, and urge Beijing to halt the demolitions, removals and attacks on Tibetans’ freedom of religion.

Please write to High Representative Mogherini, calling for strong action from the EU on Larung Gar:


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